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BEM25 Compact Conduit Bender
Retail Price
BEM25 Compact Conduit Bender
£ 445.99

Product Description

Small enough to fit in the boot of a car, the BEM25 offers new ease of use features in a compact form.

The machine is supplied with formers for bending 20 and 25mm conduit. Formers are also available to allow the bending of 16 and 32mm conduit, adding to the versatility of this machine. The unique universal vice mount allows a wide range of vices to be fitted, including those of other leading brands. Vices can be secured right up to the edge of the mount, providing excellent clearance for the threading of pipe. The mount also features holes suitable for making fine adjustments to bends, another unique feature to the range. A new dual purpose stabilising and extension bar is also included with the machine, which can be used to gain extra leverage on down bends and act as a counter-lever on up bends.
The formers are machined cast aluminium to provide superior accuracy and performance, to ensure the perfect bend is made. In contrast, most other brands just use non machined castings.

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RRP £445.99